Vendor Guidelines


The 18th Annual AAFAME “Game On” Vendor Expo scheduled for April 20th, 2021 at the Palmer Events Center is an event where engineers and property managers can network with AAFAME’s vendor members and other engineers in an informal environment.

Typically we average 400 engineers and managers. However with the current pandemic situation we anticipate a lower attendance. A recent survey indicated 60% of our engineers were interested in attending the event.

To encourage attendance, AAFAME gives a $1000 and $500 grand prize to those who attend the event. Only those that attend are eligible. Vendors not eligible for the grand prize.

We highly encourage vendors to decorate their booth & wear costumes to match our “Game On” theme. Suggested ideas are: Board Games like Monopoly or Candy Land or Video Games such as PacMan or Mario Brothers. The ideas are limitless. It makes the show more colorful and fun for the attendees. The vendor who wins “best of show” will receive a FREE booth in 2022 (value of $750).

2019 Best of Show – Beckett Electrical Services


  • Only vendor members of AAFAME can participate in EXPO!
  • While existing AAFAME vendors may choose not to participate in this event they are not allowed to attend as only participating vendors are allowed.


  • Event hours are from 10:00AM – 2:00PM. This time frame is designed to allow engineers to come and go during the 4 hour period and still get back to the buildings to allow other engineers to attend the event also.
  • The Palmer Event Center is well equipped with Covid Response including revamped ventilation system and sanitation services.
  • Our event will be located in Exhibit Halls 1 & 2 to allow for ample space between booths and for attendees to social distance.
  • Vendors are required to were masks as per CDC Guidelines while in the facility including set up & tear down and during the show. Masks can only be removed to eat food.
  • At this time we are waiting from guidance from Austin Public Health on acceptable activities.
  • Up to Two (2) people per Standard Booth are allowed. And Three (3) people for Deluxe Booths. Please do not bring more than that. Due to pandemic we will control how many are attending from each company.
  • Please be advised that only 6 people at a time are allowed in the booth area.
  • We will ask for your booth attendee names 2 weeks prior to the event by way of email.
  • View pictures from last years event for examples of how things are set up. Pictures are worth a 1,000 words.
  • Here is a link to the layout with booth locations. Booth assignments can be found here.
  • Here is the list of vendors signed up to have a booth. If you are not on this list and think you should be, contact
  • Vendors are permitted to set up booths the afternoon before the event between the hours of 1-4 PM or the morning of the event between 7:30-9:30AM. Show starts at 10:00AM.
  • Vendors who registered for Standard booths will be provided a 10X10 booth and those who registered for Deluxe booths will be provided a 10X20 booth.
  • All booths will be provided 2 chairs and a 6 foot table with a table skirt.
  • Electricity and wireless internet is available with prior notice and for an additional fee, to be ordered through the Palmer Event Convention services (order early as it gets very expensive if you wait until the day of the event!). Click here for the equipment services order form.
  • Freeman is the exhibitor who provides the drapes and provided tables/chairs. You can coordinate additional services such as rentals of extra tables/chairs/rugs, displays, carpet, etc).
  • Canopies (10X10) will not be allowed, they obstruct the view of other booths.
  • Backdrops are allowed as long as the fit in the dimensions listed above and do not obstruct view of the booth next to them.
  • A 7 X 44 sign will be provided with the company name on the drapes behind the booth.
  • The service yard is meant for loading & unloading only.
  • We ask that all vendors use the parking garage upper levels to leave the lower levels for our attendees. Vendors are responsible for their own parking fees!
  • Breakfast will not be provided – instead we are providing lunch to all attendees including vendors. We will have coffee & water in the morning!
  • Check in at registration the morning of the event to get printed exhibitor name tags. We will not have registration set up for vendors the day before.
  • Vendors are encouraged to distribute marketing materials as well as promotional materials with logos such as pens, note pads, hats, shirts, cups, mugs, etc (It is a wise ideas to order your materials now).
  • Literature set up and removal shall be the responsibility of the vendor. Tear down cannot start until 2:00PM when the event concludes!
  • Vendors are encouraged to provide door prizes drawings valued at $100 and higher (only one per booth). We will communicate with you in advance on how the drawings will be coordinated.
  • Each vendor will receive a complete list of attendees after the event in excel format.
  • AAFAME will sponsor the grand prize drawing valued at $1000 and $500 for engineers and managers only to encourage attendance. Participants need not be present to win the grand prize to allow them to get back to the building if needed. Grand Prize drawing will be held at 1:45PM.
  • We will not have a Vendor Stamp Card, instead all attendees will be entered in drawing for Grand Prize(s). We believe this will allow for a more relaxed environment without having to rush around to get the card stamped.